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United Soccer Coaches 2020 Convention

Baltimore, MD - USA   I   January 15-19, 2020





Roni holds an MBA in International business with extensive senior management positions in the Hi-Tech in the USA, Europe and Israel, in parallel to football coaching at all levels:

«  USA Regional Sales @ Track160, leading the integration of artificial intelligence in the fields of sports data, tracking and analysis

«  Conducting and managing lectures, clinics and seminars around the world - Europe /

USA / Australia  - Coaches and players development

«  Head coach of senior national women's football team 7.5 years / 53 International Caps

«  Highest level UEFA PRO licence  football coaching credentials

«  Board member of European Football Coaches Association / AEFCA

«  Former CEO of Israeli Football Coaches Association

«  Instrumental in getting men's and women's football off the ground in the USA

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« Professional Coaching & Talent Identification

« Coaching education leader courses instructor

« Academy development – plan, preparation & infrastructure

« Youth player development

« Men and Women game developer

« Scouting & Players placement at all levels



I am most privileged and honored to write a testimonial about you.


In my over 40 years of involvement in the “Beautiful Game” of Football (Soccer), I have the distinct honor of knowing Mr. Roni Schneider. He is without question, one of the most knowledgeable and honorable people you will ever know. He has incredible knowledge of football, not only as a top level, former player, but more importantly, as a person of great character and integrity. He has been very successful as a professional coach, scout and educator of soccer and is always available to offer help and support to anyone in need of his vast knowledge.  He is a “treasure trove” of information and guidance to all who seek his help!


If anyone takes the time to seek his counsel, you can be assured he will be there to offer his help and guidance! I can think of no other individual I would rather have to guide me in the various aspects of the game of soccer, whether as a coach, scout or educator!


With my deepest respect,


Preston Goldfarb, JD

Head Men’s Soccer Coach USA Open / 20th World Maccabiah Games 2017.

Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Birmingham-Southern (1983-2016), Retired.

I have known Roni for over 40 years. I have had the pleasure to be coached by him and to have worked with him. He is one of the best evaluators of talent that I know. He is one of the leading coach educators in Israel. His biggest strength is his coaching of players.


Ray Reid

Head Men’s Soccer Coach at University of Connecticut.

Founder and Owner of Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

Founder and Owner of Ray Reid School.

I have known and worked with coach Roni Schneider for over 15 years and I can assure anyone who will ever deal with him that you will be treated with the upmost respect and integrity. He has invested the time and energy to educate himself with a MBA and the UEFA Pro License ( the highest license in Europe) plus his experience as the Israeli Women’s Senor National team coach provides him with a great platform to scout new talent from all over the world. Since I have known him he has been very instrumental with the development of coach education in his home country of Israel and the instruction of these courses in UEFA and OCF confederations.


A true Professional!


Robert Lauffer

Head Men’s Soccer Coach at West Texas A&M.

UEFA Pro Licensed and FIFA instructor.

Roni Schneider is an old acquaintance, first as a student and my soccer player, then as a counselor in my soccer camps before becoming a director, then years upon years of close relationship where I worked with him, observed his work as Head Coach in numerous situations in the Maccabiah Games and coach of the Israeli National Women's team. Ronnie is the best example of Mister Soccer: as a player, as a manager, as a recruiter, as a teacher, as a coach he gave everything to what he did with passion, love, fairness, professionalism, knowledge, and always with great results. His unending energy and cheerful demeanor have made him a favorite wherever he was and at any age level he  taught or coached. Ronnie is, simply, the best soccer man you will ever find.


Dr. Mel Less

Former Professor and Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Adelphi University.

Former Owner of Long Island Soccer Camp.

Roni Schneider is a dedicated and professional soccer coach and educator with a wealth of practical experience developed over 40 plus years. He matches his highly credentialed playing, coaching and administrative careers with similar outcomes in his educational and corporate endeavors in the high end IT sector. He is a very personable man who commands your attention whenever he has something to say. It’s rare to find individuals that can back up their philosophies with unmatched credibility and intelligence. Roni is an asset to any club, coach or individual looking to expand their sporting horizons.

Joe Pavlekovic

Owner GTD Hospitality, Melbourne Australia.

I have known Roni Schneider for over 25 years, while I was playing professional soccer in Israel. At that time, Ronnie presented me with the opportunity to study in the US on a soccer scholarship. An offer that changed my life. Over the years, Roni and I developed a close friendship. He has been a mentor and advisor. He's an intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced and honest person who carries himself with integrity. He has great communications skills that enabled him to create an extensive network of friends and affiliates. 


Roni is a well-known expert in the field of soccer coaching education. Over the years, he nurtured and developed hundreds of coaches in the youth and pro level. He has an exceptional ability to deliver information and simplify high-level coaching methods and philosophies. Roni is very successful in working with players as a coach and scout. He is known for his ability to identify talent and find the best ways for them to maximize their potential. It enables him to help teams with finding suitable players for their squad. 


Roni's experience in the field of coaching, education, and business makes him one of the most prominent figures in the industry. 



Tamir Linhart
President Golden Boot Soccer

Roni Schneider is a professional talents hunter, best in his field. He combines a unique intelligence with sharp decision making in order to provide the right fit both for the young professional and the soccer coach and team. His long time experience led him to choose the right combination of characteristics in a player that will best assist the soccer team’s needs. He puts all the emphasis in his work and on choosing players on reliability, accuracy, teamwork ability, interpersonal relations and devotion to the game.


As a person, Roni’s profound attitude and behavior lead to proficient and trustful service that is best in the field. His approach and devotion to the young and sometimes unmolded professionals enable him to provide top notch service to all. Roni treats his surroundings as his own family and by doing that he creates a very high quality collaboration and cooperation from all sides involved.  


Yaniv Braver

Head Office HR Director at ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.



Podcast from Football Nation Radio which featured Roni Schneider.

A discussion about the roles & responsibilities of Academy Director

1/30/18 commences at 34.32 minute mark.

Podcast from Football Nation Radio which featured Roni Schneider.

A discussion about Women's Professional Leagues in Europe.

7/11/17 commences at 29.49 minute mark.

An interview by Dr. Hagai Gringarten the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol. 8, No. 2, summer 2016 /

A chat/interview on WeChat with Roni Schneider on January 21 2018.


WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose social media mobile application software. It was first released in 2011, and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users with over 980 million monthly active users (902 million daily active users).

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